Music Therapy Supervision for Other Health & Wellness Professionals

I offer supervision for therapists and other health & wellness professionals in person in Victoria, BC. The type of supervision that I offer might be different than what you’re imagining. When you work with me, we talk about what’s going on and process this through creative musical experiences. No previous musical experience is required to benefit.

How can therapists and other health & wellness professionals benefit?

All therapists and health and wellness professionals need support from time to time. Someone to remind us of why we entered our profession and to encourage us to bring our unique gifts to our work. To help us process challenging material that clients bring to us. To alleviate some of the isolation that we can feel when continually holding and caring for other people’s pain.

Music therapy supervision offers a supportive place to process emotional, psychological, embodied, and spiritual elements of your work that might not be easily described in words.

What can I help with?

  • Feeling deeply affected by your clients (some therapists might identify this as countertransference)

  • Processing challenging work experiences

  • Feeling “stuck”

  • Burnout

  • Vicarious Trauma

  • Bringing your creativity into your clinical work

  • Aligning your work with your core values

  • Individual coaching to bring musical elements into your work

  • Professional development

Who can benefit?

  • Clinical Counsellors

  • Psychologists

  • Psychotherapists

  • Social Workers

  • Nurses

  • Medical Doctors, including Psychiatrists

  • Spiritual Counsellors

My goal is to help you be the therapist that you are excited to be, whatever that means to you. I work with professionals who align with diverse approaches to health and well-being. To meet your needs, I draw on my extensive professional experiences, scholarly work, and foundational understandings of major approaches to health and well-being.

If you think Music Therapy Supervision is right for you, contact me today to book your appointment.

In Studio Session

What happens during a session?

Therapists come see me at my studio.  My confidential studio is equipped with high quality instruments, including acoustic pianos, guitars, and percussion.

You share what you’d like to address, and I will listen and ask clarifying questions.  You’ll be invited to musically explore themes related to what you bring in. You don’t need any musical experience to participate.  You’ll have access to instruments that don’t require any musical training to play, and I will support you through the experience.  For example, we might play instruments to express feelings about a case or create mindful music about burnout.  We’ll then talk about the music-making and connect it to the concern you brought in.

A bit more about my experience in this field.

I bring my extensive clinical supervision experience over the past 12 years to these sessions. I have supervised over 100 undergraduate and graduate students as part of music therapy and creative arts therapies programs at Wilfrid Laurier and Concordia Universities. I have also been providing confidential professional supervision for the past 8 years to therapists and other health and wellness professionals. I can hold space for the most challenging cases. I can help you get to the heart of the issue and address your needs safely and effectively.

I will support you using a blend of perspectives. I draw on music-centered music therapy frameworks and have worked closely with Dr. Colin Andrew Lee in Aesthetic Music Therapy. I bring in psychotherapy and clinical counselling sensibilities with an emphasis on person-centered (Rogerian) and mindful self-compassion work. My approach is further contextualized by intersectional feminist therapy and social justice perspectives. I listen well and offer unconditional positive regard. I know what it is to feel isolated and alone, to be someone who feels things deeply and yet doesn’t feel like they “fit in”. To be someone who feels at home around artistic practices and people. I am familiar with common and not-so-common concerns and I know how to listen and help.

Play Well

If you would like to step towards greater mental health and well-being, I invite you to contact me to book your first Music Therapy session.
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I acknowledge and respect the Lekwungen-speaking Peoples on whose traditional territories I work and play, and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ Peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.